Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Tea Container With Spout

Yerba Mate Cup Wholesale    Date: 4 July ,2024

Yerba mate tea is becoming more and more popular among the pubic due to its unique effects, and various tea sets for drinking yerba mate have also emerged, and the healthy and durable material stainless steel yerba mate sets are the most popular.

Usually a complete set of mate tea include the mate tea, mate cup, bombilla straw,brush cleaner, tea pot and tea container.except the mate tea ,you purchase the all sets in our Jiurui housewares,and the yerba mate tea container is the new to the suit. Anyone who like to drink yerba mate tea knows that the finished yerba mate tea is very small particles. And need almost 50g tea for one time,and our jiurui housewares mate tea container with spout is very suitable for the mate drinking, Lets take a look at its advantages

1.SUPERIOR YERBERO - Jiurui Premium Yerba container is a must have to keep the Yerba Mate fresh in your pantry or office like never before. Made of top quality 304 stainless steel interior and exterior, one of a kind in the market, does not dent or rust. Comes in a beautiful box which makes it an IDEAL GIFT for any Mate lover. Nobody else in the market provides more Value to YOU than us.
2.PERFECT SIZE - A large capacity container is a must when it comes to a Yerba container. As experts in the Mate industry we have designed the ideal Yerbero to have at home, in the office or carry on the go! Measures: D9.1 X H16.2 CM / D3.5 X H6.3 INCH . Hold up to 30 oz - 900 ml.
3.MATE PREP MADE EASY - Our Yerba storage container enhances the convenience of everyday Mate preparation. Easy-to-open and leak-proof with a Mate spout for easy serving.
4.VERSATILE CONTAINER - MANY GREAT USES - While originally designed for the Yerba Tea it is great for storing any dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta spaghetti and coffee. Perfect to keep your favorite snacks super fresh and dry.
5.STRONG AND SUSTAINABLE - The high quality makes it sturdy and durable. Its materials are 100% safe to use. 

Now as the soul mate of tea-yerba mate tea container with spout, we have spot inventory, we have the classical colors:black, white and grey. Support mixed batch with low MOQ, international express and DDP support ,also accept color and logo customize.color customize according to the Pantone solid color guide, such as Pantone 186C. The solid color guide is our industrial standard,all color number needs to be changed into this standard.

As a professional stainless steel manufacturer we have the whole drinkwares sets to drink the mate tea. Have stainless steel yerba mate gourd set and tea container all year round, welcome to inquiry.



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