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Yerba Mate Cup Wholesale    Date: 12 Aug. ,2022

Its a traditional that we are have three meals per day:breakfast ,lunch , evening dinner. But we always find that we will feel well between breakfast and lunch,for we usually have lunch around 12clock,and this time been 3-4 hours since breakfast. We usually have dinner about 19 to 20 oclock, we need to spend about 7 to 8 hours this period. To ensure we have enough energy and effort to complete our work ,that mean we need to have a break to have some tea and teacake.

Most of people will enjoy their afternoon tea during 14 o’clock to 16 o’clock. As we know, most of the drinks are own their best drink temperature, such as the coffee:best make temperature is 85 degree and it’s best drink temperature is 40-50 degree. The green tea and black tea has different make temperature and the best drink temperature is about 65 degree. Some people like to drink ice juice. Then,How to enjoy our drinks at their best drink temperature? I think we should choose a tumbler can keep warm or cold to keep temperature. We know the double wall stainless steel tumblers are the best choice.  Luckily we, Wuyi Jiurui Housewares Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles and tumblers ,and owns a lot of shapes of tumblers suit for afternoon tea drink. Our stainless steel yerba mate cup serials tumblers are the best . 8oz or 12oz capacity to make coffee , make tea or take juice are very suitable.


Our Jiurui water bottles tumblers are double wall with 304 stainless steel interior and 201 stainless steel exterior. Variety of shapes . gourd shape, U-shape, egg shape tumblers are suit for the office use.the tumbler with handle or not just upon to yourself.

Jiurui stainless steel yerba mate serials cups also can be gifts ,you can share the cups with your friends. You can enjoy tea time together with the same cups but different color, this is very  wonderful. You can talk with your colleagues or friend during the tea time to have rest .then back to work happily.


All the stainless steel yerba mate cup produced by Jiurui housewares can pass FDA, LFGB , and out of PBA.all the tumblers are durable,healthy ,co-friendly. As the source wholesaler of stainless steel yerba mate cup, we have inventory to sell ,can delivery fast. All the spot good are 50pcs from batch to mixing. Come on and contact with me ,you can get the latest list of inventory to choose.

We are sure all the yerba mate cups that produced by jiurui housewares, you will get the best competitive price,and excellent after-sale service. More products please vistit our website:



any questions please feel free to connect with us via



My name is Jocelyn Tao ,welcome your inquiry at any time!


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