How Yerba Mate Gourd Is Recalling The Traditional Old Herb Drink?

Yerba Mate Cup Wholesale    Date: 6 Mar. ,2022

Yerba mate, one of the nature’s greatest blessings to humans, is known for its rich
health benefits. And you know what’s more interesting? You can’t make a perfect
Yerba mate without a Gourd, and here’s why – “Yerba Mate is full of nutrients and
antioxidants, and Gourd is the only thing that turns the herbs into a delightful drink.”
When people gather around to drink tea from a Yerba mate gourd, there is a degree
of ceremony associated with it that accentuates a peaceful conversation. Yerba
mate gourd, also known as mate cup, is a century-old tradition.

For many years, CALABASH (TRADITIONAL) GOURD was primarily adopted as the right

vessel for yerba mate and stood the test of time. However, amid the latest innovation
and technology, the ancient took the modern road and the world has a better way

to enjoy favorite yerba.

It is not just a mixture of herbs. Yerba mate is an infusion of stems and leaves, which is
only possible in a perfectly crafted gourd. The quality of the gourd decides the
richness and taste. Even with the modern gourds, a perfect yerba mate requires skill,

patience and dedication.

Gourd and bombilla are made specifically for yerba. When leaves and twigs are cut
from the tree, they go through the fermentation process and are finally mixed with
other herbs. The kind of the taste you experience via gourd cannot be relished from

a mug or ordinary cup.

Here’s how Yerba Mate Gourd Can Be used to make Traditional Old Herb Drink:

All you need is a gourd, loose leaf yerba mate tea, and warm water.

Fill your gourd with 2/3rd loose leaf mate tea. Once you pour leaf tea in the gourd,

cover it and give it a few shakes. This will mix the leaves and powder thoroughly.
Now before pouring any warm water, dispense some cold water on the leaves. This
will seal the flavor and nutrients from being scorched. Lastly, add warm water but
make sure it is not too hot. 80 to 100 F is ideal. Otherwise, you’ll burn your leaves. You

can continue adding more leaves for a strong, rich taste. 

Yerba mate gourds are recalling the traditional old drink because:

You can’t make yerba mate in an ordinary cup. Even if you do, you won’t enjoy the
same taste. Gourds blend the leaves and powder very well and give the brew some
zest. Furthermore, a gourd can alter the taste with some fresh herbs like cinnamon,

mint, rosemary or lemongrass.

The gourd has majorly preserved the way yerba mate is served and enjoyed. It
represents deep-rooted history and tradition. Even the modern yerba mate cups and

gourds reflect the authenticity of making a yerba mate tea.

Gourds with better design. The modern yerba mate gourds are specifically designed
to meet people`s unique needs. Now you can pour yerba mate in tight air gourd and
can enjoy on the go. It is a great opportunity for businesses too. Brands can promote

yerba mate via custom made gourds and bombillas.

Carrying on the tradition. Yerba mate cups and gourds carry the century-old dynasty.
The brew tastes better and is globally accredited for its fine quality. While making
yerba mate, the golden rule is more leaves, less water, subtle infusions. It`s all about
enjoying the different characteristics of leaves. The taste changes and evolves with
the further infusion. The gourd gives you the true sense of taste and flavor of each


Brilliant Gourds Keeping The Traditionalism ALIVE…
• WOODEN GOURD – Wooden mate gourds are perfect for beginners and feel great
in hand. If you are fond of traditional herb drinks, you’ll love wooden gourds for
their good looks, and they add great flavor to the yerba mate too.
• CERAMIC GOURD – A popular choice among youth, ceramic gourds are good
looking and easy to clean. It fits in hand nicely and comes in varied, colorful
• Gourds with leather. These are the gourds wrapped in high-quality leather. Leather
further acts as a thermal insulator, keeping your yerba warm and comforting. The
best part is the engraving that can feature branding or creative artwork.
What Are The Advantages Of Using A Mate Gourd?
Yerba Mate is herbal tea, and just like you, many people around the globe question

the purpose of a mate gourd when they can drink it like a tea. 

However, one can use a coffee mug or another type of cup. 

But a mate gourd has several benefits that other cups or tumblers don’t give.

Yerba Mate is naturally bitter in taste. The gourds can extract some bitterness, making

it smooth for a pleasant tea flavor.

The modern shape of the gourd has revolutionized the making of Yerba Mate tea
without compromising on its richness. Through gourd, you can get all the nutrients out

of the yerba mate.

The best thing about mate gourds is their unique and artistic design. They come in
varied shapes and sizes and can be further customized as per the individual business
marketing needs. The beauty and design of the yerba mate gourds further adds value

to the brand.

Bespoke Yerba Mate Gourd Customization: How to get started?
Have you seen personalized gourds out there and wondered how to make one?
Yerba mate gourds and cups can be customized in several alternative ways. At, we have introduced awesome yerba mate gourds in
various practical designs. You just need to tell our designers what customization you
need and we will manufacture them in a state of the art facility. There are thousands
of graphics and color to choose from or you can also share your company’s logo.
✔ Create Your Own Design ✔ No Minimum Quantity

✔ Different Styles & Sizes ✔ 100% quality assurance

You can send your requirements at E-mail: or talk to our

sales representative via phone: 86-579-87690121.

The love for yerba mate has grown remarkably. It’s the best way to start a day. 

If you’re planning to promote your beverages or planning to sell, we can help. Action and contact us now!


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